Learn More About Cool-jams Temperature Regulating Bedding Products

How Does the Cooling Bedding Technology Work?

Cool-jams cooling bedding uses special Outlast technology that helps to regulate the body temperature through proactive heat and moisture management. Our Bedding products  balance the temperature under the covers by absorbing heat when it gets too warm, and releases it back when you cool down. By doing so, it keeps the temperature and humidity within your bed in the optimum range for a restful sleep.

Our heat and moisture management technology is incorporated into a vast array of Cool-jams products, including  cooling mattress pads, cooling sheets, cooling comforters, cool pillows and cooling blankets and sleepwear - all designed to help you get a more restful night’s sleep!

No more kicking off the covers due to overheating. By eliminating temperature swings throughout the night, you are less likely to wake up from chills or overheating. You’ll experience a deeper, more restful sleep with our Cool-jams Sleep Products.

Traditional bedding traps body heat beneath the covers, preventing your body from cooling down and making it difficult to fall asleep. Our Cool-jams temperature regulating bedding uses special Outlast technology to manage  the buildup of heat by absorbing excess heat and allowing your bed to maintain a more balanced temperature under the covers.

Can Our Temperature Regulating Bedding Products Help Hot Flashes and Night Sweats?

It’s no secret: Women who experience hot flashes have a tough time sleeping. Cool-jams sleep products can help  buffer those temperature swings by absorbing excess heat, to help you get a better night’s sleep.

It’s not uncommon for people to toss and turn all night as their bodies search for their  thermal comfort zone. Our Cool-jams sleep products  continually absorb, store and release excess heat to keep the temperature and humidity within your bed in the optimum range for a restful sleep. It’s  just smart technology!

 Can Cool-jams Bedding Products Help Bed Partners Sleep Better?

Do you Suffer from thermal incompatibility with your bed partner? Do you sometimes feel cold while your bed partner feels hot? Before you head to the couch, consider the temperature regulating benefits of our cool-jams bedding products. Our products can help adapt your own unique temperature needs by keeping you and your partner more comfortable for a better night’s sleep.

 How Can Cool-jams Cooling Mattress Pads Help Me Sleep Better?

 Consider our Cool-jams Mattress pads. You rarely think about them, but you should. Mattress pads made with Outlast® materials have the unique ability to keep your temperature balanced and comfortable so you can get a better night’s sleep. Our Cooling Mattress Pad is especially helpful when you use a foam mattress since they tend to overheat.

 Why Use a Cooling Comforter or Cooling Blanket?

Whoever said “love conquers all” never slept with someone who stole all the covers. For the sake of a better night’s sleep and stronger relationships everywhere, bedding with Outlast® materials works to balance your changing temperature, helping you sleep more soundly throughout the night. No more throwing off or stealing covers from your bed partner. Cool-jams Cooling comforters and stay cool blankets can help!

When should I use Cooling Sheets?

Cooling bed sheets are extremely helpful when you suffer from night sweats, hot flashes or live in warm climates. Combined with our cool mattress pad and cool pillow, you'll sleep  cooler, drier and more comfortably every night.

What about your pillow? Does it get hot?

You know the story; throughout the night you flip the pillow in search of the cool side. With pillows made with Outlast® materials you can finally sleep throughout the night without having to search for the cool side of the pillow! Our cooling temperature regulating pillows will make a great night's sleep a normal occurance.

How Was This Temperature Regulating Bedding Technology Developed?

Our Cool-jams  technology by Outlast was, originally developed for NASA. It was designed to help regulates temperature through proactive, heat management. Our special  technology works continuously to manage the build up of heat and moisture under the covers caused by fluctuations in skin temperature. By proactively managing heat build up next to skin, our Cool-jams bedding with Outlast@ technology helps individuals sleep not too hot, not too cold" but just right

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